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ARTICLE:Development of Primitive Tribal Groups
Thursday, 16 February 2012 03:22

Development of Primitive Tribal Groups



There are certain tribal communities who are having low level of literacy, declining or stagnant population, and pre-agricultural level of technology and economically backward. 75 such groups in 15 States/UTs have been identified and have been categorized as Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs). State/UT-wise list of PTGs is at Annexure I. each of these groups is small in number, differentially developed with respect to one another, of remote habitat with poor administrative and infrastructure back up. Therefore, they are in need of priority to be accorded for their protection and development.

Their problems and needs are quite different from other Scheduled Tribes. Since Primitive Tribal Groups constitute the most vulnerable among tribal groups, States/UTs have been requested to allocate requisite funds from Central Sector/Centrally Sponsored and State Plan schemes for their socio-economic development. However, there are items/activities, which though very crucial for the survival, protection and development of PTGs, are not specifically catered to by any existing scheme, the funds under this scheme would be used for these activities.


The funds under the Central Sector Scheme for the development of Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) would be available only for those items/activities which though very crucial for the survival, protection and development of Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs), are not specifically catered to by any existing schemes, State or Central or by Guidelines governing the utilization of funds under Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub-Plan and Article 275(1) of the Constitution. Such items/activities cannot be exhaustively identified at the Central level as they may differ from State to State and within a State from project to project. However, funds under the scheme could be used for helping the beneficiaries of the project to cope with extremely adverse pressures which threaten their survival and protect them against various forms of exploitation and thereby bringing them to a stage when they can demand and receive specific assets and services. The activities under the scheme may include measures such as awareness generation and confidence building, training for skill development of tribal youth organizations of self help groups and provision of services/inputs not covered by any existing scheme. In terms of beneficiaries the scheme will cover only members of PTGs.

Implementing Agency

The scheme will be implemented through Integrated Tribal development Projects (ITDPs)/Integrated Tribal Development Agencies (ITDAs), Tribal Research Institutes (TRIs) and Non Governmental Organizations having capability and willingness. The State Government concerned will be responsible for proper execution, implementation, supervision and coordination of the scheme including selectin of NGOs. The ITDPs/ITDAs and TRIs should send their proposal in the prescribed Performa at Annexure II. The NGOs should submit their proposal in Performa II with recommendation of the State Govt./UT Admn as per Annexure IV and Annexure V.’

Pattern of Funding

It is Central Sector scheme, therefore, financial assistance will be available on 100% basis. The optimum period for grant-in-aid to the implementing agencies will be for a period of 3 years.

Review of Performance

The selection committee will review the performance of the projects/activities as under taken under this scheme by the implementing agencies. The proposals received from ITDPS/ITDAs, TRIs and NGOs will be approved by a Committee consisting officials of M/o. Tribal Affairs, Planning Commission and National Commission for SCs/STs The Committee will be Joint Secretary, M/o. Tribal Affairs. Chairman may co-opt any other officer(s) as member(s) as and when required.

Terms & Conditions

1)      The financial assistance as provided under the scheme should be utilized for the purpose it has been sanctioned and for the welfare of members of Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) only.

2)      The financial assistance given to ITDPs/ITDAs and TRIs would be deemed to be given to the State Governmentsconcented and rules and regulation governing the grant in aid to States/UTs will apply to them.

3)      The implementing agency shall allow the representative of this Ministry or the State Government to impact actual working of the scheme.

4)      The grantee organization shall not utilize the grant for any partisan, political or anti-government propaganda. If the government is satisfied that the grantee organization has acted in contravention of this para, Future grants will be with held, the organization blacklisted and already sanctioned grant will be recovered with interest.

5)      After the close of each financial year the organization shall submit immediately the utilization certificate and audited figures of expenditure duly certified by a registered Chartered Accountant comprising:

a)      Income and expenditure account/balance sheet for the year including receipt and payment account of the organizations in respect of grants paid to it by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs during the year and Utilization Certificate.

b)   The certificate to the effect that the Institute has not received grant for the same purpose from any other Ministry/Department of the Government.

C) The Private Institutes (NGOs) shall furnish a certificate to the effect that it accepts the grant sanctioned to it subject to the terms and conditions to be prescribed by the Ministry and also furnish a bond with two sureties in the name of the competent authority signed by an office bearer duly authorized by the Board of Directors of the Institute for the actual implementation of the scheme and also furnish accounts of the grant sanctioned by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.