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1.         Defence of India

2.         Naval, military and air forces; any other armed forces of the Union.

2A.       Deployment of any armed force of the Union in any state in aid of the civil power.

3.         Cantonment areas and local self-government in such areas.

4.         Naval, military and air force works.

5.         Arms, firearms, ammunition, and explosives.

6.         Atomic energy and mineral resources necessary for its production.

7.         Defence Industries.

8.         Central Bureau of Intelligence and Investigation.

9.         Preventive detention for reasons connected with defence, foreign affairs, or the security of India.

10.       Foreign affairs

11.       Diplomatic, consular and trade representation

12.       United Nations Organization

13.       International Conferences, Associations and other bodies

14.       Treaties, agreements and conventions with foreign countries

15.       War and Peace

16.       Foreign jurisdiction

17.       Citizenship, naturalization and aliens

18.       Extradition

19.       Passports and visas

20.       Pilgrimages to places outside India

21.       Piracies and crimes committed on the high seas or in the air and offences against the law of nations.

22.       Railways

23.       National highways

24.       Shipping and navigation on national waterways

25.       Maritime shipping and navigation

26.       Lighthouses for the safety of shipping and aircraft

27.       Major ports

28.       Port quarantine, seaman and marine hospitals

29.       Airways; aircraft and air navigation, provision of aerodromes

30.       Carriage of passengers and goods by railway, sea, air national waterways.

31.       Posts and telegraphs; telephones, wireless, broadcasting and other like forms of communication.

32.       Property of the Union.

33.       Courts of wards for the estates of rules of Indian states.

34.       Public debt of the Union.

35.       Currency, coinage and legal tender; foreign exchange.

36.       Foreign loans

37.       Reserve Bank of India

38.       Post Office Savings Bank

39.       Lotteries organized by the Union or state

40.       Trade and commerce with foreign countries

41.       Inter-state trade and commerce

42.       Trading Corporations, including banking, insurance and financial corporations but not including co- operative societies.

43.       Corporations, whether trading or not, with objects not confined to one state.

44.       Banking

45.       Bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes and other like instruments.

46.       Insurance

47.       Stock exchange and futures markets.

48.       Patents, inventions and designs; copyright; trade-marks and merchandise marks.

49.       Establishment of standards of weight and measure.

50.       Establishment of standards of quality for goods to be exported out of India or transported from one state to another.

51.       Industries, the control of which by the public interest.

52.       Oil fields and mineral oil resources; petroleum and petroleum products; other liquids and substances which are inflammable.

53.       Regulation of mines and mineral development in the public interest.

54.       Regulation of labour and safety in mines and oil fields.

55.       Regulation of development of inter-state rivers and river valleys.

56.       Fishing and fisheries beyond territorial waters.

57.       Manufacture, supply and distribution of salt by Union and other agencies.

58.       Cultivation and manufacture of opium and its export.

59.       Sanctioning of cinematograph films for exhibition.

60.       Industrial disputes concerning Union employees.

61.       National Library, the Indian Museum, the Imperial War Museum, the Victoria Memorial and the Indian War Memorial, and any other like institution of national    importance.

62.       Benaras Hindu University, the Aligarh Muslim University and the Delhi University, any other institution of national importance.

63.       Scientific or technical education institutions of national importance.

64.       Union agencies and institutions for training research or detection of crime.

65.       Standards in institutions for higher education or research and scientific and technical institutions.

66.       Ancient and historical monuments and records, and archaeological sites and remains of national importance.

67.       The Survey of India, the geological, botanical, zoological and anthropological surveys of India, meteorological organizations.

68.       Census

69.       Union Public Services; All-India Services; Union Public Service Commission.

70.       Union Pensions.

71.       Elections to Parliament, the legislatures of states and the offices of President and Vice-President; the Election commission.

72.       Salaries and allowances of members and presiding officers of Parliament.

73.       Powers, privileges and immunities of each House of Parliament and of the members and the committees of each House.

74.       Emoluments and service conditions of the President, Governors, the Ministers for the Union and the Comptroller and Auditor General.

75.       Audit of the accounts of the Union and of the states.

76.       Organization, jurisdiction and powers of the Supreme Court.

77.       Organization of the High Courts.

78.       Extension of the jurisdiction of a High Court to any Union Territory.

79.       Extension of the powers and jurisdiction of members of a police force belonging to any state to any area outside that state.

80.       Inter-state migration; inter-state quarantine.

81.       Taxes on income other than agricultural income.

82.       Duties of customs including export duties.

83.       Duties of excise on tobacco and other goods except alcoholic liquors for human consumption and opium, Indian hamp and other narcotic drugs and narcotics, but including medicinal and toilet preparations containing alcohol.

84.       Corporation tax

85.       Taxes on the capital value of the assets (exclusive of agricultural land) of individuals and companies; taxes on the capital of companies.

86.       Estate duty in respect of property other than agricultural land.

87.       Duties in respect of succession to property other than agricultural land.

88.       Terminal taxes on goods or passengers, carried by railway, sea or air; taxes on railway fares and freights.

89.       Taxes other than stamp duties on transactions in stock exchanges and futures markets.

90.       Rates of stamp duty in respect of bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes, bill of landing, letters of credit, policies of insurance, transfer of shares, debentures, proxies and receipts.

91.       Taxes on the sale or purchase of newspapers and on advertisements published therein.

92.       Taxes on the sale or purchase of goods and other than newspapers, where such sale or purchase takes place in the course of inter-state trade or            commerce.

93.       Taxes on the consignment of goods in the course of inter-state trade or commerce.

94.       Taxes on services.

95.       Offences, against laws with respect to any of the members in this list.

96.       Inquiries, surveys and statistics for the purpose of any of the matters in this list.

97.       Jurisdiction and powers of all courts (except the Supreme Court) with respect to any of the matters in this list; admiralty jurisdiction.

98.       Fees in respect of any of the matters in this list, but not including fees taken in any court.

99.       Any other matter not enumerated in List II or List III including any tax not mentioned in either of  those lists.


1.         Public Order

2.         Police

3.         Officers and servants of the High Court.

4.         Prisons, reformatories, borstal institutions and other such institutions.

5.         Local government.

6.         Public Health and Sanitation.

7.         Pilgrimages, other than pilgrimages to places outside India.

8.         Intoxicating liquors

9.         Relief of the disabled and unemployed

10.       Burials and burial grounds

11.       (Omitted)

12.       Libraries, museums and other similar institutions; ancient and historical monuments and records other than those of national importance.

13.       Communications, that is, roads, bridges, ferries and other means of communication not specified in List I.

14.       Agriculture, including agricultural education and research.

15.       Preservation of stock and prevention of animal diseases.

16.       Pounds and the prevention of cattle trespass.

17.       Water, that is, water supplies, irrigation and canals, drainage and embankments, water storage and water power.

18.       Land, that is, right in or over land, land tenures and the collection of rents.

19.       (Omitted)

20.       (Omitted)

21.       Fisheries

22.       Courts of wards

23.       Regulation of mines and mineral development

24.       Industries

25.       Gas and gas-works

26.       Trade and commerce within the state.

27.       Production, supply and distribution of goods

28.       Markets and fairs.

29.       (Omitted)

30.       Money-lending and money-lenders; relief of agricultural indebtedness

31.       Inns and inn-keepers

32.       Corporation, other than those specified in List I, and universities; unincorporated trading, literacy, scientific, religious and other societies and associations; co-operative societies.

33.       Theatres and dramatic performances; cinemas; sports, entertainments and amusements.

34.       Betting and gambling

35.       Works, lands and buildings of the state

36.       (Omitted)

37.       Elections to the legislature of the state

38.       Salaries and allowances of members and presiding officers of the legislature of the state.

39.       Powers, privileges and immunities of the legislature of the state and of the members and the committees thereof.

40.       Salaries and allowances of ministers for the state.

41.       States public services; State Public Service Commission

42.       State pensions

43.       Pubic debt of the state

44.       Treasure trove

45.       Land revenue, including maintenance of land records.

46.       Taxes on agricultural income

47.       Duties in respect of succession to agricultural land

48.       Estate duty in respect of agricultural land

49.       Taxes on lands and buildings

50.       Taxes on mineral rights

51.       Duties of excise on alcoholic liquors for human consumption; opium, Indian hemp and other narcotic drugs and narcotics, but including medicinal and toilet preparations containing alcohol.

52.       Taxes on the entry of goods into a local area.

53.       Taxes on the consumption of sale of electricity.

54.       Taxes on the sale or purchase of goods other than newspapers.

55.       Taxes on advertisements other than advertisements published in the newspapers and advertisements broadcast by radio or television.

56.       Taxes on goods and passengers carried by road or on inland waterways.

57.       Taxes on vehicles

58.       Taxes on animals and boats

59.       Tolls

60.       Taxes on professions, trades, callings and employments

61.       Captivation of taxes

62.       Taxes on luxuries, including taxes on entertainments, amusements, betting and gambling.

63.       Rates of stamp duty in respect of documents other than those specified in List I.

64.       Offences against laws with respect to any of the matters in this list.

65.       Jurisdiction and powers of all courts (except the Supreme Court) with respect to any of the matters in this list.

66.       Fees in respect of any of the matters in this list, but not including fees taken in any court.


1.         Criminal Law, including all matters included in the Indian Penal Code.

2.         Criminal Procedure, including all matters included in the code of criminal procedure.

3.         Preventive detention for reasons connected with the security of a state, the maintenance of public order, or the maintenance of supplies and services essential to the community.

4.         Removal from one state to another state of prisoners and accused persons.

5.         Marriage and divorce; infants and minors; adoption; wills, intestacy and succession; joint family and partition.

6.         Transfer of property other than agricultural land; registration of deeds and documents.

7.         Contracts

8.         Actionable wrongs

9.         Bankruptcy and insolvency

10.       Trust and Trustees

11.       Administration – general and official trustees

11A.     Administrators of justice; constitution and organization of all courts, except the Supreme Court and the High Courts.

12.       Evidence and oaths; recognition of laws, public acts and records, and judicial proceedings.

13.       Civil Procedure, including all matters included in the code of Civil procedure.

14.       Contempt of court, but not including contempt of the Supreme Court.

15.       Vagrancy; nomadic and migratory tribes.

16.       Lunacy and mental deficiency.

17.       Prevention of cruelty to animals.

17A.     Forests

17B.     Protection of wild animals and birds.

18.       Adulteration of foodstuffs and other goods.

19.       Drugs and poisons

20.       Economic and social planning.

20A.     Population control and family planning.

21.       Commercial and industrial monopolies, combines and trusts.

22.       Trade unions; industrial and labour disputes.

23.       Social security and social insurance; employment and unemployment.

24.       Welfare of labour including conditions of work, provident funds, employers’ liability, workmen’s compensation, invalidity and old age pensions and maternity benefits.

25.       Education, including technical education, medical education and universities.

26.       Legal, medical and other professions.

27.       Relief and rehabilitation of persons.

28.       Charitable institutions, religious endowments and religious institutions.

29.       Infectious or contagious diseases or pests affecting men, animals or plants.

30.       Vital statistics including registration of births and deaths.

31.       Ports other than major ports.

32.       Shipping and navigation on inland waterways.

33.       Trade and commerce, in and the production, supply and distribution of, foodstuffs, including edible oil seeds and oils, cattle fodder; raw cotton, and cotton seeds; and raw jute.

33A.     Weights and measures except establishment of standards.

34.       Price control

35.       Mechanically propelled vehicles including the principles on which taxes on such vehicles are to be levied.

36.       Factories

37.       Boilers

38.       Electricity

39.       Newspapers, books and printing presses

40.       Archaeological sites and remains other than those of national importance.

41.       Evacuee property (including agricultural land)

42.       Acquisition and requisitioning of property

43.       Recovery in a state of claims in respect of taxes and other public demands.

44.       Stamp duties other than duties or fees collected by means of judicial stamps, but not including rates of stamp duty.

45.       Inquiries and statistics for the purposes of any of the matters specified in List II or List III.

46.       Jurisdiction and powers of all courts, except the Supreme Court, with respect to any of the matters in this list.

47.       Fees in respect of any of the matters in this list, but not including fees taken in any court



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