Home Personality Development MORAL VALUES; REAL PROSPERITY BY Dr.Aparna Sharma
Wednesday, 04 January 2012 11:48


Dr.Aparna Sharma

Prosperity lies where satisfaction is present. Satisfaction is there where one is moving over the normal pace of life. And life can run over the normal pace only then when one need not to make hook and crooks. In fine, moral values are the sheet anchor of the real prosperity.


What is the meaning of moral values? The all positive traits of character form them. What is prosperity? All round progress. The utmost law of nature says that with positive flow the prosperity enhances. When one holds the reputation name and fame in society and sufficient amount of money for his own as well as for his guests the prosperity resides there. Life is full of its ups and down, we are in good phase sometimes and in sometimes bad. When it appears as if the world is going against us, at that time moral values are the strength, standing by our side give us courage to face the situations and come out as a winner. These values of facing the challenges, truthfulness to duty, honesty and dedication to the work at our hand , having sensitivity towards emotional issues, ready to help others within our sources, providing moral support to the ones who require it, are some of the features of moral values.


Shining star and rising sun both are welcomed and admired by the society. At times their evolution is having many ills hidden behind. To spread one’s sparkle one has to undergo wither and thither, without pain no fruit full outcome is there. To follow the natural pace moral values ignite or catalyses the righteousness in us. They provide impetus to the confidence level and add up a lot to us in person. They make us amiable or amicable with the problem and adversities of life and led us workout our best. They instigate the prosperity skin deep, the submission and reaction to the outer world, which includes, saluting the valor of the courageous ones, providing a helping hand to the needy, accumulation of wealth and much more. Moral values save us from degrading our own self by some of the actions. They keep a check on character and help us to become a responsible citizen of society.


Time to time the definition of morality keeps on changing. There was a time when even the wrong intention was considered as a moral bankruptcy, then times were when wrong actions were immoral, today with the grace of materialism we judge immorality with the gravity of action. This is the high time when we have to give a thought to our liberalism towards morality because with this pace a day will come when it appears only in books or will become a part of history. The need is to have some rule book for self check and control. One has to think about the consequences of liberty on various fronts as health, strength of character, relationships, true success and much more.


Lot of research is going on for new options to get peace and prosperity, economic strength and political stability, but the question is, are we doing justice to get all this? Are we working with a concrete approach with honesty? Answer is a simple, No. The corruption rate of today shows that morally the society needs to be reformed; some revolutionary percepts are required to eradicate the immorality to result in the eradication of corruption.


The job is not easy, but not impossible. Parents, elders, teachers, seniors all have to join hands and feel their responsibility to refine the young generation as they are like the wet cement, whatever impression we will make on them it will be everlasting.  Though the people talking about all this are not considered as the practical ones, but to avoid the horrible future these are the only ones who have to take the initiative. The fine line between right and wrong has to be taught to the masses; even if the result will be poor we have to keep this flag high. The areas which can make an impression are education, entertainment industry and media, as the first one is often mandatory and the rest two are having the observance of the people. Some of the groups have to come in front for this indirect approach, leaving an impression on the mind followed by actions. The condition is alarming but as it is never too late, somebody has to bell the cat for the coming progenies.


According to a famous quote, “If wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, but if character is lost everything is lost”. Today the need is to recall the quote and to realize its relevance. The character here is used in a wider sense which covers all the above mentioned constituents of moral values. If it is strong success will be at our stride.


One should go for the enjoyment of life but at the same time should prepare some guidelines to follow, the more true one is to own self, more strong he can emerge out from the adverse situations. Every where there is selfishness and cut throat competition, and it is very easy to give up the morals for achievements, but the realization has to be made that the money and luxuries could be earned through immoral/illegal means but the real prosperity is only possible when the mind is without stress and fear, when we can enjoy the real beauty of life with truthfulness. All this is only possible with values in life. Not only this, in a wider sense these values purifies the soul, as a result the problems like corruption, communalism, terrorism, cultural degradation, etc. also could be curtailed to a good extent if not completely eradicated. Healthy mind is requisite of today and no doubt that moral values make it healthy. In fine,


“Morality is a system of principles and judgments based on social, cultural, religious, and philosophical concepts and beliefs, by which one determines whether given actions and concepts, are right or wrong to follow for the future prospects, so they need to be strong.”