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Time & Tide Wait For None By Dr. Aparna Sharma
Thursday, 05 January 2012 12:19

Time & Tide Wait For None


“Pick my left pocket of its silver dime,

But spare the right one – it holds my Golden times”.


Life proceeds from the day of birth to the last day of old age, time moves constantly with it. We wish the happy moments to remain with us forever and wish the time to stop at such a moment, but it is not so; time and tide waits for none. History is full of evidences of this proverb. In absence of time management vision, the empires lost their supremacy and laymen relished the crown.

Time never remains same, once there was an era of Stone Age, then the phase of Renaissance was there full of cultural and sociological reforms, today the world is going through pure materialistic era of Globalization and IT. Human beings came a long way due to the people who valued time and dared to move with its moving phase for the prosperity of progenies.


It once gone never comes back, seasons change with their routine and bring with them every time the new sprouts. If we keep on waiting for the time to come we are just wasting our efforts, it is to be grabbed at the right time and act on accordingly. Opportunity knocks rare and the people who utilize it are the fortunate ones. These are the people who make the milestones as an example to the coming progenies.

Quality time is the most important ingredient of success and happiness. Differences of marriage life could be resolved by remembering the sweet memories of past, same way grudges among families and friends could be patched up by recalling the nice time they spent with each other. The outcome of a young lad as a responsible, bright, talented citizen is the result of time spent by his parents on him.


There are no retakes in real life it is very much different from the reel one. There one can take as many chances to prove the credibility but time tests only once. One wrong decision affects the whole life not only of the individual’s but of the surroundings too. The effect of that is seen in society in the form of breaking of homes, unsatisfied youth, wastage of caliber, frustration in people, increasing rate of corruption in society, and many more. These are the results of one wrong step of people towards life.

For the young generation, time management emphasis needs to be given a clarion call from personal as well as from the front of organizations too. In this era of cut throat competition if one wishes to go a long way to leave the sublime footprints behind he has to value it, as those who value it comprehend the nectar and become a cesspool and conglomeration of success; they easily overcome the extreme rigidities of life, piercing all darkness.

In fine,

“ Gather the rose buds while you may, old time is still flying

And the same flower that smiles today, tomorrow shall be dying.”