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“Nothing Is Impossible” By: Dr.Aparna Sharma
Thursday, 05 January 2012 12:23

“Nothing Is Impossible”

Himalayas were once oceans and Indians once frail; a baby can come to life in test-tube and raga Malhar of Tansen could bring rain.”

Very true nothing is impossible in this world. Nature in itself presents ample of examples which make our eyes stretch in wonder. This should act as catalyst for human beings to carry forward many impregnable tasks. Valor, caliber and determination are there to delete the word impossible form the dictionary. Dr. Kalam was once a newspaper vendor, Lal Bahadur Shasti had to cross the river currents for education; the most famous President of America Abrahim Lincon faced many failures in various arenas of his life, before becoming President. Word limit will be short if we keep on quoting the examples. It is a fact that determination and hard labor makes one excel in all norms of life.

There was a time when information was transferred manually and sometimes it was delivered, even when the significance was lost. Then time changed and the scientific advancement gifted us with cyber culture, which dissolved all the physical barriers. Today we can directly talk to the near and dear ones sitting far away with the help of web cameras. The point here is that, because the people dreamed big and acted to make them true just that is the reason behind. Why to go very far, the seven wonders of this world also indicates towards the theme.

When a baby is born who can say that the tender and fragile being, which cannot stand even is having potential of what level, but the same child can make the history too; because nothing is impossible. The journey from childhood to the old age is itself an evidence of it. Human being can not be entangled to chains. The combination of mind and heart gives a clarion call to innovations every day. From emotional sensitivity to scientific credits, economic development to cultural evolutions, nano technology to excavation of Mars every minute we are writing new definitions of success. All this is possible only because of firm devotion, it is said that we are the writer of our own destiny; we can see that the study done under the lamp post makes one a key post holder in future.

There exist some special qualities in each one of us the only need is to search and realize that, to dare for something which is revolutionary in nature and positive in effect. Many times the obstacles of life make us depressed, and we feel to give up, this is a stage when we are at the verge of losing confidence in our own self. This is the time when we have to take inspiration from the successful personalities and to collect our self for hitting the target. One should not give up hope, when no task is impregnable then, why to fear in pursuing new avenues to cope up with the problems.

May be at the initial level we face some problems, our faith also will be in a trembling order but in spite of this we should not be quitters. Full determination to the given task is the best prayer to God, and can be applicable from the personal level to the level of nation and world. The concept of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ is becoming true through Globalization, science is looking after universe, medical science is taking care of body, and spiritual/sensitive literature is healing the soul. Everywhere something or the other is going on to make practical the dreams of yesterday, giving impetus to the concept of nothing is impossible.

In absence of the opportunities, our determination works, the very basic necessity water is known for its cooling effect, with constant efforts of our ancestors it is responsible for the electric power today (totally opposite to its basic nature). The key note is that that when a try is given with concrete, result oriented planning any ice can be broken, the firm devotion is the only requirement.

The famous dacoit of his times can be a saint Valmiki for the progenies, a fool Kalidas can be an immortal poet of his times, independence of India can be achieved without war, these are the examples, in which one thing is common i.e. rising against the odds, and from the opposites. Today our young generation is in grip of no. of vices, and gives the silly excuse that now we can’t go back. The truth is they don’t want. Even if the person is on wrong track from head to toe, law of nature says that the bright morning is always there for welcoming him rather it wishes that the will power should be collected and utilized to give up the black path.

The specialty lies in doing different things with welfare motive, to remain aloof instead of wrong company. Lotus emerges from the marsh only, but one cannot trace out even a single drop of dirt on its leaves, one has to be like this. The responsibility of future lies on this new generation, they should realize the dreams of their family and society should make themselves strong to face all hurdles and to work for innovations of various fields. May be this appears as something beyond the average capacity but then a try has to be given, the initiative has to be taken. The famous Hindi poet Dushyant rightly said,

Kaun kahta hai aasman mein chhed nahi hota ,

Ek patthar to tabiyat se ucchalon yaron.

By: Dr.Aparna Sharma