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1. What have you read in English poetry?

2. What is the theme of Milton’s poetry?

3. Which poem of Milton enchants you? Please let’s hear his lines?

4. What else have you read in English?

5. Do you know about Hamlet?

6. Who is the Nobel Prize winner in Literature in 2012?

7. Who is your favorite writer, and why?

8. What is noteworthy about Shakespeare/Milton?

9. Tell the name of some Indo-Anglo writers?

10. Some contemporary Indian English writers and their work?

11. Do you read novels?

12. Which one you have read lately?

13. “Woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to keep miles to go before I sleep Miles to go before I sleep. “Why these lines are famous and who has written these lines?3

Public Administration, Management and Marketing

1. What is POSDCORB In public Administration?

2. What is Motivation?

3. Explain X and Y theory of Motivation? Who is founder of this Theory?

4. Who is the founder of management?

5. Who is the founder of Scientific Management?

6. Who is the founder of Management by Exception?

7. What are the “4 P” in Marketing?

8. Use of Marketing in Banks?

9. What is Management? Define in one line?

10. What is marketing? Define in one line?

11. How will you motivate your subordinates in Bank if there are misconceptions between them or any confusion?

12. What are the leadership qualities? Do you posses these Qualities?

13. What is marketing mix?

14. What is product mix?

15. What is Branding?

16. What is “corporate social responsibility”?


1. What is optimum theory of population?

2. What is Malthusian theory of population?

3. Why 5 year plan in India is not successful?

4. What is law of Diminishing marginal utility?

5. Define National Income?

6. What is the Difference between GDP and GNP?

7. Difference between Micro and Macro Economics?

8. Difference between Dynamic and Static Economics?]

9. What is Interpolation and Intropolution?

10. What is Time Series?

11. Explain Fisher Index Theory?

12. Principle of maximum Social Advantage?

13. What is Absolute Error?

14. Discuss Keans’s theory of Employment?

15. What is indifference curve analysis?

16. What is Say’s market law?

17. What is perfect competition?

18. Price determination under imperfect competition?

19. What is Dumping?

20. Difference between Economy and Economics?

21. What is Law of Demand?

22. What is AC-MC Curve?

23. Relevance of International Economics for this year?

24. Who is the winner of Nobel Prize of Economics for this year?

25. For which work this year’s Economic Nobel is conferred?

26. Who is Amaitya Sen?


1. Who was Vikramaditya?

2. Who was Chanragupta-II? Are they same person?

3. Where from he belonged?

4. Who was the first governor- general of the independent India?

5. How many battles were fought in Panipat?

6. Who had fought all the three battles?

7. Tell me something about Julius Ceaser? Name two well known Historian?

8. What do you know about Indus valley civilization?

9. When did Aryans come to India?

10. What are the sectors of Jain Religion?

11. Please tell us about main principles of Jain Religious?

12. Who laid the foundations of the British Rules in India and in which year?

13. What is Magna Carta?

14. Who was the last emperor of Gupta period?

Political Science

1. You are a student of Political Science? How is our foreign Policy at present?

2. What is Socialism? Should we follow it fully?

3. What is Capitalism? Should we follow it if yes then why of not then why?

4. Which article refers to emergency provision?

5. What is article 356?

6. How does amendment take place in the constitution?

7. What is Veto?

8. What is article 370?

9. Do you think that Sonia Gandhi is a good leader?

10. Sonia Gandhi as a PM, Are you agree with it if yes then why it not then why?


1. What are the benefits of flood?

2. Can you give some specific reasons for untimely rain is India?

3. What is Alnino effect?

4. What is Hurricane?

5. How many types of soil are found in India?

6. How your subject would be useful in Bank?

7. Do you know some places where black soil is available in India?

8. For which crop is the black soil suited most?


1. Which part of your mathematics is good?

2. Do you know Demovier’s theorem? Explain it.

3. Expansion of SinX.

4. Expansion of CosX.

5. Fariur Sevices.

6. Define npr and ncr and their different applications in solving sums?

7. What is Differentiation?

8. What is Integration?

Science Stream

1. Why does cycle tube burst in summer?

2. Why does sky look blue?

3. What is the formula of (A+B)3?

4. Is there any vain which carries impure blood?

5. What is color blindness?

6. What is Raman effect? ]

7. What is Boyle’s law?

8. Who is the winner of Nobel prize……in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine?

9. What is Newton’s I, II, III law?

10. What is Charl’s law?]

11. Is there any use of science in Bank?

12. What is Snell’s law (laws of refraction)?

13. What is Coulomb’s law of Electrostatics?

14. What is Boyle’s law?

15. What id Pascal’s law?

16. What is Archimedes’s Principle?

17. What is Specific heat?

18. What is Conduction, convection, radiation?

19. What is Doppler’s effect?

20. What is Hard and Soft water?

21. What is under table water?


1. What is the difference between IPC and CPC?

2. Is our constitution written?

3. When was IPC formed or written?

4. When was CPC formed or written?

5. What is hypothecation?

6. What is mortgage?

7. What is Negotiable Instrument Act?

8. When Negotiable Instrument Act came into force?

9. Difference in bill of exchange and Promissory Notes?

10. Difference between cheque and Draft?

11. Tell us something about banking regulation Act?

12. What is Pledge?

13. Tell us something about Debt Recovery Tribunal?

14. Till us full name of Securitization Act?

15. What is Securitization?

16. What is Lok Adalat?

17. What are the new amendments regarding Company Act?

18. Difference between promise and proposal

19. What is Sale of Goods Act?

20. Difference between void and voidable contract?


1. How Indian Agriculture is viable?

2. Tell me something about green revolution?

3. Impact of green revolution on Banking Sector?

4. How you will manage rain-flooded area and raid-fed area?

5. What are genetically modified crops?

6. With a bumper harvest and record yield of food grains this year, the price rise was expected to be reversed, But strangely the prices continue to rise in India, why this is so?

7. What is the present scenario of Indian Agriculture?

8. What is Rain water harvesting system?

9. How much amount of pulse is required at minimum in Indian diet, and how much Indians are actually getting it?

10. What is organic Farming?

11. How it is differ from existing way of farming?

12. Give some suggestions for sustainable Agriculture in 21st century?

13. What is sustainable agriculture?

14. What is the situation of use fertilizers in India? Are they being used in accordance with the prescribed proportion of NPK?

15. What are the problems of marketing of agricultural groups

16. What are the main sources of agricultural credit in India?

17. Can commercial banks provide economic assistance to the farmers?

18. Why should Agricultural officers be appointed in banks?

19. What is the contribution of Agriculture towards National Income?

20. Can a non technical man manage the post of an Agricultural Officer of a bank?

Questions related to Commerce Stream

1. What are the principles of Book Keeping?

2. What is Balance Sheet? How you come to know after seeing balance sheet that economic condition is good or bad any organization?

3. What is the difference between CA and ICWA?

4. What are the Accounting ratios?

5. What is the use of ratio in balance sheet of a bank?

6. What is Acid test ratio?

7. What is accounting?

8. Difference between Double Entry System and Double Account System?

9. Difference between Presidency and Provincial Insolvency Act?

10. Explain various lists of Insolvency Act.

11. Explain tax and how many types of Tax are being imposed in India?

12. What is Direct and Indirect Tax? Give some examples?

13. What is 80L, 80G, 80DD, 88B, 89(1), 88C, 80E?

14. What are the sources of Income according to Income Tax Act?

15. What is Capital Gain?

16. Income of MPs and MLAs is related to which sources?

17. Agriculture Income is Exempt under which section?

18. Current Assessment year?

19. Describe new changes regarding to Income tax in current Budget?

20. When Income Tax Act was enacted?

21. What is difference between Public Limited Company and Private Limited Company?

22. Article of Association?

23. Memorandum of Association?

24. Couram?

25. Annual General Meeting?

26. What are Prepaid Expenses and Outstanding Expenses?

27. Tell us about Authorized, Issued and Paid-up Capital>

28. What is Forfeiture of shares? How it is treated in Balance Sheet of a Bank?

29. What is Single Entry System?

30. Tell us about Promoters and Directors?

31. What is Auditing? What are the main purposes of Auditing?

32. “An Auditor is the watchdog of a company” Explain it?

33. What is Value Added Tax?

34. What is Market Capitalization?

35. What is Break Even Point?

36. What is Prime Cost and Overhead Cost?

37. Difference between Fixed and Variable Expenses?

38. What is Marginal and Standard Costing?

39. What is Master Budget?

40. What is capitalization?

41. What is Contract?

42. What is Bank Reconciliation Statement?

43. What is Partnership Deed?

44. Relevance of “Bhartiya Bahi Khata” in present time?

45. What is Wages Inward and Outward?

46. What is “Contribution” in Cost Accounting?

47. Difference between Cost Accounting and Cost Accountancy?

48. What are the elements of effective Communication?

49. Explain Accounting Standards?

50. Explain Accounting Conventions?

51. What is Accounting Equation?

52. What is the use of Trial Balance?

53. What is Fund Flow?

54. What is Cash Flow?

55. What is Working Capital?

56. What are LIFO, FIFO, and HIFO?

57. What is Short Working?

58. What is Work in Progress?

59. What is Intangible Assets?

60. Tell us the Errors which are not disclosed by Trial Balance?

61. What is difference between Public Sector Company and Public Limited Company?

62. What is Real Account?


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