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Can you programme your destiny? Some think that it is beyond human endeavour. Others are convinced that it is not only possible but also feasible and desirable. To the former category belong fatalists who are sure that present life is the result of deeds done in the previous one. Hence, there is no escape from the present. It is a deed accomplished by the president of the Immortals!

To the latter class fall those who nurse the thought that birth is a matter of chance. To this extent, it is destiny which is beyond human control. But the dynamics of personality open immense possibilities of development. To this extent, destiny can be programmed.

“I do not mean to expose my ideas to ingenious ridicule by maintaining that everything happens to every man for the best; but I will contend that he who makes the best use of it, fulfils the part of a wise and good man”, says Cumberland.

He is right on the dot. The wheels of mature are not meant to role backwards. Fatalism is the doctrine of fools! The fatalist always looks for the easy way out. He finds shelter in readymade quotes without examining their real implications. For example, one often hears from a fatalist: Man proposes but god disposes. The failure is easily passed on to god. Such as man is escaping his own responsibility and his own role in what he calls “god disposes.”

Balfour Tersely comments, Destiny is the scapegoat which we make responsible for our failures.” Whenever we face the might of adversity, we cower and go under, blaming destiny.

“There is no fate,” that cannot be surmounted with scorn,” is a masterpiece of a statement for those who have been reeling under the shattering blows of destiny.
It is signal mark for those down-and-outs who have chosen to go down the gutter rather than stand up to adversity in their life. The weaklings go to the seed. The strong sprout and blossom.

“Well: I made the wave; didn’t I”? said Rutherford when he was told that he was riding the crest of a wave. He had energy, enthusiasm and capacity for hard work.
Beethoven became deaf at the age of twenty-eight. In a letter to a friend, he said: “I will take fate by the throat: it will not wholly overcome me.”

With courage and confidence and vitality, he mastered his fate, culminating into a musical genius. Beethoven is an example of what a human being can achieve by his endeavour.

Helen Keller, defeated and blinded, learned to read, write and to speak. In her life she became an inspiration to disabled persons. Her life was a triumph of human spirit over affliction, desolation and despair.

Allport observes: the healthy person, with rich experience and maturity of outlook is able to programme his own identity.

Our future is not shaped by heredity or environment, though they play their role. Surely, man has instincts (drives) but these do not have him. He  could reject them. There was freedom to choose.

Inheritance? Twins may build different lives, on the basis of identifical dispositions. Of a pair of identical twins one became a criminal while his brother became a criminologist!

“If we take people as they are, we make them worse. We treat them as if they were, what they ought to be; we help them to become what they are capable of becoming,” says Goethe.

Destiny means a man’s appointed or ultimate lot or fate. It is not fore-ordained or pre-determined. Man is the architect of his own destiny.

I am the master of my fate;

I am the captain of my soul.

In time good or ill he cannot but inspire and fortify all those who attend to him... What one individual has done another can aspire; the destiny one man has challenged and finally mastered, another has it in his power to confront.

As for environment, we know that it does not make man, but everything depends on what man makes of it on his attitude towards it.

Man is by no means merely the product of heredity and environment. As Dr V.C. Frankl stresses, there is a third element: decision. “Man ultimately decides for himself; and, in the end, education must be education towards the ability to decide”.

You are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul, because you have the power to control your thoughts. Your brains become magnetized with the dominant thoughts you hold in your mind, and by some means, these magnets attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life, which harmonize with the nature of your dominating thoughts.

Before you achieve success and realize the top of your ambition, you must magnetize your minds with intense desire for success in the achievement of your goal, and become achievement-conscious until the desires for achievement drive to map out and define plans for acquiring it.

If you make dynamic designs in your mind, of how you wish to behave, you will, like an invincible current, pour into the patterns you have created and give yourself a magnetic vigour for the fulfillment of your desires. The will obeys and thought patterns or mental pictures in your mind, and operates as they command.
Motives are the forces of your personality. If your dominant motive is the achievement of success, you will programme your destiny accordingly and attract success as a magnet attracts iron filings.

Let the master thought “I will succeed” dominate your thinking process.
Nothing succeeds like success-thinking and nothing fails like failure-thinking. This is the magic of master thought.

Raj Kapoor once said on his success as a film-maker, “I think films. I eat films. I drink films. I dream films.” This is the magic mantra of strong motivation.

You are responsible for your own destiny. The responsibility is your job, and the sooner you learn his stark fact, the sooner you will start thinking and acting like a successful human being.

It is up to you to control and shape the forces that make your life. None outside you has the duty to shape them for you. It is you, yourself, who is at the helm and if you do not reach your destination, it is because you did not take full control of resources. The fault lies in you, not in your stars!

If you do not shoulder full responsibility, the world will shape your destiny, not according to your needs, potentialities and ideas, but according to its own whims.
It has a way of letting those flounder about aimlessly who wait for other men and forces outside themselves to chart the course of their lives for them.

If you do not pull your own strings, someone else will!

Don’t drift or let anyone else take charge. Do not rely on others to do your part and act for you.

Those who float with the stream depending on others to clear the path of whatever is obstructing their passage, or threatening to wreck their life, cannot arrive at their goal.

You have to explore channels for yourself and sail your own way through them, in order to bring your ship home.

Your destiny is an individual thing and that it is upto your personally to take charge and shape it according to your capacity, need, aspiration and ideals.

It cannot be handed over to an assembly-line and come out tailor-made to fit you. It must be designed and hammered out by you alone.

If things do not turn out as you wish, you will have no one to blame but yourself. You are your own hope.

You must make your own destiny. Never place total reliance to anyone other than yourself when it comes to shaping your own destiny or guiding your own life. “Nothing can bring you success but yourself.”

Don’t ever let your strings go.

Refuse to be manipulated by others.

Don’t be content to be regulated.

Take charge of your own life.

Be your own helmsman. Paddle your own canoe.

Pull your own strings.