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MORAL STORY : God Appears In Many Ways
Sunday, 08 July 2012 06:00

God Appears In Many Ways

Check Engine Light

As I turned from the parking lot, heading for home, I noticed a yellow light on my dash had come on. The symbol indicated that I was to check the engine. I quickly noted the water temperature and the oil light to see if there were problems that would cause an overheated engine. Noting these two gauges were okay, I reasoned I could ignore the little yellow light that causes such great anxiety for at least the moment.

After I retrieved my owner’s manual, I found the check engine light comes on to indicate that there is a problem and that service is required. Malfunctions often will be indicated by the system before any problem is apparent, which may prevent more serious damage to the vehicle. This system is designed to assist you and your technician in correctly diagnosing any malfunction.

Reading the manual made me think of how we need someone in our lives to be our "check engine light." We need to know when a problem occurs and when service is required in our lives. We need to correct our problems before serious damage surfaces. We need a light to come on in our minds to help us avert conflict, pain, or disaster. We need a light to come on to tell us to not yield to temptation. We need to be reminded that we shouldn't ignore good and work to make life better for all about us.

God makes a magnificent "check engine light." He gives you a conscience to keep your pathway straight. He shows you the beauty of the earth to lead you to Him. He gives people who care about you, to help guide your living. He has provided His Word to point the way. Lean on God to lead your pathway from the problems that could damage your living. He can repair malfunctions before they destroy your being. Thank you Father, for being my "check engine light."

P. S. My check engine light was caused by my failure to properly close the gas tank cap.