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30 Tips For Effective Presentations
Sunday, 08 July 2012 06:04

30 Tips For Effective Presentations

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  1. What matters most when delivering a presentation? How you see yourself.

  2. What is the best way to expand the definition of yourself? Practice humility.

  3. What is Greatness? Being responsible.

  4. What does being responsible mean? Doing what is expected of you.

  5. What is the only job you have on this earth? Taking care of yourself.

  6. What is the worst thing that could happen to a living human being?When one stops caring.

  7. What is the second worst thing that could happen to a living human being? When one gives up on themselves.

  8. What is the opposite of Love? Use.

  9. What is the difference between a wish and a want? Adults often wish. Children always want.

  10. What is the only thing you have to sell? Trust.

  11. What is the only thing you have to offer? Value.

  12. What is the number one way to sell trust? Listening.

  13. What is the number two ways to sell trust? Product or service knowledge.

  14. What is 55% of Communication? Body language and facial expressions.

  15. What is 35% of Communication? The sound of your voice.

  16. What is 10% of Communication? Words.

  17. What question should you be asking yourself often? How may I serve humanity with humility?

  18. What are the three ways to deliver a message? Visually, Emotionally, Verbally.

  19. What are the three ingredients contained in a message?Information, Excitement, and Enjoyment.

  20. What two things you should never change? Never change who you are. Never change how you learn.

  21. What one thing you should always be willing to change? Change how you think. Things are changing.

  22. What heartfelt feeling one should have when making an Effective request? Expect something wonderful to happen!

  23. What are the six gifts everyone has within them when they are born with? Knowledge, Grace, Authority, Spirit, Commitment, & Opportunity.

  24. What is more important than knowledge? Imagination.

  25. What is it that all the money in the world cannot purchase?Commitment, Health, Happiness, and Peace of Mind.

  26. What is the greatest risk a person can take? To Love!

  27. What is the Greatest Room in the World? The Room for Improvement.

  28. What is the # 1 rule? Have fun.

  29. What is the # 2 rule? Go back and have more fun.

  30. What happens when you really expect something good to happen?Your expectations are in gear to help make it happen!