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ACCEPTANCE The Way to Enlightenment
Monday, 09 July 2012 08:55


ACCEPTANCE : The Way to Enlightenment


If you wish to go to the Top and be Enlightened, ACCEPT your Mistakes or Weaknesses.

If you Expand the word ACCEPT in ACCEPTANCE, it shows the path towards the Top & Enlightenment!

A stands for AWARE / ANALYSEWhen you commit any mistake or find out your weakness, just be aware of it and carry out analysis.

C stands for Control – Once you are aware and have analyzed your mistake/weakness, get control over it so that you do not repeat it.

C stands for CommandNext step after Control is to have Command on your Weakness/Mistake.

E stands for ExcelCommandment over your mistake & weakness will take you to Excellence.

P stands for PowerThe Excellence you have achieved over your mistake & weakness will give you Power (Positive Power).

T stands for Towards Top With Power (Positive Power) you gained by going through the path and reaching to excellence, you have started your journey towards top!

Now let us expand the rest of the letters in ACCEPTANCE (ANCE).

A stands for AdmiringNow you have passed through the road, you must admire the person who might have made similar mistake or have similar weakness.

N stands for No NegativityYou should not now feel any negative emotions about the person who is having similar weakness or have committed similar mistake.

C stands for Compassion and CooperateHave compassion with the person and cooperate with him/her to come out of this using the technique used by you as mentioned above.

E stands for EnlightenmentIf you can help the person to come out of his / her weakness or mistake, this attitude will lead you to the path of enlightenment.