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Are You Happy?
Monday, 09 July 2012 09:08


Are You Happy?


We Have So Much... But Are We Happy?


For many of us it's so complicated. Everyone has their own perspective towards life. Life begins with love, demands love and always searches for love; so beautiful, so simple, even though so hard for us to understand.

Crawling inside the boundary of 4 walls, surrounded by father, mother, other family members, how happy we were. How excited we used to be watching cartoons, receiving toys, eating chocolate and so on.

With a wider boundary of life, more friends around us, we are suppose to be even happier! But are we really happy??

Previously before we developed systems of education, good means of transportation, communication, etc., we were happy. But now, with all this improvement, why can't we be happy??

We have the ability and technology to reach outer space... yet we can't develop a technology to bring a smile to someone's face. Necessities and wants drove us towards all these discoveries and led to luxury. These are the same wants that when in extreme, became desire... unlimited desire and we are drowning in it.

We are drowning - desiring more love, more luxury, more comfort, more success.

We have gained vast knowledge though we fail to understand the simple truth of life: Life is a journey and we have to accept everything that comes our way. The only way to smile is to accept what we are and what we have....never running and lamenting about what we don't have.